About Us

Find the right AI tool for your business and boost your profits.

What is Fosshub AI

Welcome to Fosshub AI! The innovative branch of Fosshub that aims to pave the way in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Prompt Engineering.

The emergence of generative AI platforms like ChatGPT has changed the way we work. They can write, analyze, and automate tasks for us. They can help you get things done better and faster. 

With developers jumping on the AI bandwagon, there’s already a tool for just about any business process. But who has time to try out and test each and every one of them before settling for a tool for your business?

What We Do

Here at Fosshub AI, we help users find the right AI tool for the job. Fosshub AI features a searchable AI tools directory featuring carefully curated AI apps and solutions. Users can also subscribe to our AI tools newsletter where they get timely updates on the latest on AI and AI tools.

Our approach to media and content revolves around being:

Clear. For each AI tool we feature, we try to focus on user needs and use cases. We give answers to the following questions: “What problem does this AI tool solve?” and “On what tasks can I use it?”

Focused. Our team curates and tests each tool to see how they perform in their actual use cases so you don’t have to waste time figuring out if a tool has any value to you at all.

Relevant. We continuously add new apps and reach out to their developers to ensure that what we feature are accurate and up to date.

In the process, we help AI tools and app developers cut through the noise and help them connect with their target users through: 

Leads. We connect you to users and businesses that can benefit from your product, in a cost-effective way.

Authority. By going through our process, we can bolster your credibility and industry leadership.

Our Team

At the heart of Fosshub AI is our team — a multidisciplinary, global ensemble of super skilled individuals that collectively bring together a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and creative problem-solving skills. Our diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences fuels our innovation and strengthens our ability to deliver exceptional results.

Daniel Sanz Becerril, Prompt Engineer.

Dan Sanz

Co-Founder, Head of AI

A formidable prompt engineer, Dan Sanz blends a deep understanding of AI with practical insights into human-machine interaction. His work in prompt engineering in combination with years in the field of Data Science, are helping to redefine the possibilities for AI communication and engagement

. Dan is also passionate about teaching.
Alvin Veroy, Technology Leader.

Alvin Veroy

Technology Leader

As our technology leader, Alvin Veroy brings a breadth of knowledge and an innovative mindset to the table. His strategic leadership and vision will be instrumental in propelling Fosshub AI towards the forefront of our industry.

Alex Maximo, Chief Editor.

Alex Maximo

Chief Editor

Alex Maximo, our editor, helps us bring added snap to our content. He has written and edited books and articles on technology education and digital enablement over the past two decades. He’s a huge advocate of free and open-source software.

Lance Agahan, operations manager.

Lance Agahan

Operations Manager

Our operations manager, Lance Agahan, ensures that our processes run smoothly and efficiently. He is adept at helping coordinate our efforts, managing resources, and maintaining the high level of productivity required to keep pace with the rapid evolution of AI.

Víctor M. Martínez Valero, content & SEO strategist.

Víctor M. Martínez Valero

Content & SEO Strategist

Víctor M. Martínez Valero, our Content and SEO strategist, ensures that our work is easily accessible and reaches the widest possible audience. His decades of expertise in search engine optimization and content development amplify our online presence and help us connect with our community.

We have made sure in our hiring and development processes that every member of our team is highly skilled in their respective fields, lending credibility and authority to our work. We uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency, fostering trust within our community.

Join us on this exciting journey as we shape the future of AI and prompt engineering, one innovation at a time.