Best AI SEO Tools: Unleashing the Power of AI for Successful Online Presence

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the cornerstone of web content development and publishing these days. Having optimized pages helps websites rank better in search results and get more traffic from search engines.

Previously, manually performing SEO tasks like keyword research, SERP analysis, content ideation, editing, rank auditing was tedious. You had to collect, parse, and analyze data line by line. You had to scan pages and run them through a checklist of potential issues one by one.

Digital tools eventually were developed to help automate these processes. Now, AI has been integrated into tools to help make things easy for SEO practitioners further.

Here, we discuss how AI is able to do this in SEO. We also list several AI-powered SEO tools, their features, their pros and cons, and pricing.

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What Type of AI SEO Tools Are There?

Given the buzz surrounding generative AI platforms like ChatGPT and Google Bard, some might think that AI SEO tools are just extensions of those. In SEO, AI has figured into a variety of processes and these new tools can be used across the SEO workflow.

Keyword Research Tools

AI-powered keyword research tools help in finding the right keywords for the target audience, providing search trend reports, tracking keyword difficulty, suggesting related keywords, identifying competitors’ keywords, analyzing SERPs, and computing keyword density. These AI tools reduce the hours spent on manual keyword research and search engine results page (SERP) analysis.

Content Optimization Tools

These tools are efficient in content auditing, content ideation, content writing, and optimization of your blogs. They help analyze the weak points of your content such as inadequate keyword density, tone, grammatical errors, and overall quality of writing. AI-powered content optimization tools also offer suggestions on how to optimize your content further and even track the performance of your website.

Backlink Analysis Tools

SEO does not only revolve around finding the right keywords. Backlinks and other off-site SEO are important in establishing the authority of your website. Backlinks are like a “seal of trust” in the SEO industry. Searching for relevant websites, earning and giving backlinks, and expanding your website’s footprint is time-consuming. AI Backlink analysis tools can assist in identifying, analyzing, tracking, and creating high-quality backlinks to improve your off-site SEO.

Competitor Analysis Tools

Understanding your competition is also an essential strategy in search engine optimization. Competitor analysis tools incorporate AI in web crawling, keyword identification, backlink analysis, and content analysis to find their strong and weak points. Having access to your competitors’ data allows you to strategize techniques on how you can outrank them.

Why Should I Use AI Tools for SEO?

SEO trends and practices change rapidly and constantly. There have been significant changes in how search engine algorithms work. Competition has also become quite fierce in the content space. These have put pressure on publishers and SEO professionals to get their sites to stand out in SERPs and they have to do constant research and relearning of SEO techniques to keep pace with changes.

Fortunately, AI has become a boon to SEO practitioners. AI tools can take over the menial and tedious tasks involve in SEO tasks. For example, previously audience analysis can take plenty of effort to perform. Today, AI tools can collect and analyze tiny behavioral changes among web users. They can continuously update themselves using data and generate insights concerning emerging trends.

Recently, with generative AI, publishers can now even have AI perform creative tasks that were typically reserved for humans like content ideation and creation. AI can now technically write content that follows the best SEO practices. While this has sparked controversy regarding its ethics as of late, there’s no denying that these capabilities are now at everyone’s disposal.

Essentially, AI-powered SEO tools allow you to do your job quicker and better. The speed and quality that AI tools bring into the process give practitioners who use them a huge advantage over those who don’t. So, as long as you can use these tools ethically, there’s little reason not to enjoy the benefits that they bring.

Content Optimization and Generation AI Tools

The content optimization is the foundation of your site’s SEO. Let’s take a look at some of the best AI-powered SEO tools we’ve found across the web:


Copymate landing page.

How Does It Work

Depending on your subscription, Copymate can generate content based on your titles, headlines, and keywords. Copymate uses GPT 3.5 turbo, GPT 4, and custom-trained large language models (LLMs) to create the highest quality of content. Copymate can also assist in WordPress integration, bulk content generation, multilingual content generation, multisite management, and more.

Copymate features.

Under the free trial, you are credited with 10 tokens which you can use to create 10 Copy-mate-001 for one token each, 5 Copy-mate-002 for two tokens each, or 1 Copy-mate-003 for 10 tokens.

Copymate Tiers.

In this example, we have used the Copy-mate-001 bundle to write sample content about the rise of AI in SEO and its effect on SEO jobs. We used the GP- 3.5-turbo model using 1 token to test its capabilities at its basic subscription offering.

Copymate GPT Model.

Pros and Cons

Copymate Editor.
Users can generate articles from minimal cues (keywords, topics, or titles).
The app can also use colloquial terms and write using a friendly tone effectively.
It was able to provide unique and thought-provoking angles about the topic.
It was able to branch out to a novel subtopic that was not previously included in the initial input.
Users can get a headstart for content ideation with its automated suggestions.
Automated texts are only limited to creating blogs with H2 headings.
It cannot incorporate external links or do research with citations.
The whole blog is text heavy and can be optimized further.
There are a few grammatical mistakes in the automized text.
It passed the plagiarism checker with 92% originality. However, upon further checking, a whole sentence was found to be completely plagiarized from another source.
It scored 69% in AI detection. This means that AI checkers can detect a considerable amount of AI-generated content in the text.


Copymate Basic Plan.

You need to have an active subscription of $29/ month (basic account) before you can purchase add-ons to increase your monthly token limit. Their premium subscription offering provides 500 tokens, enough to create 50 Copy-mate-003 contents.

Copymate Subscription Tiers.


BloggerAI Home Page.

How Does It Work

BloggerAI is another automated content-writing tool that aims to provide search engine-optimized texts. It allows automatic linking of external URLs, writing assistance for 10 languages, tone control, and more. BloggerAI promises to use OpenAI tokens strategically to create SEO content without breaking the bank compared to the hefty prices some generative AI platforms charge for their API.

BloggerAI Features

To generate content, Blogger AI requires input from the user such as titles, guides, outlines, tone, and desired flow of the text. Then, using those inputs it would create suggestions to further optimize your previously written ideas.

BloggerAI Suggestions

Blogger AI offers more customization in generating content. Aside from the title, tone, and desired flow of the texts, it also incorporates SEO keywords in generating content.

BloggerAI Article Settings

There is also an option where you can control the length of the output.

BloggerAI Target Length

Afterwards, you can either choose to generate content automatically based on your previous outputs or further customize your inputs by looking through outline suggestions, SEO score checker, and more.

BloggerAI Customize Input

After generating content using the suggested outline and its automatic writing feature you can look through the SEO score button and further optimize your content.

BloggerAI Keyword Density

If you are running out of related keywords to add, you can also check the SEO section and expand the keyword section below to check suggested keywords and keyword density.

BloggerAI Keywords

Pros and Cons

It is capable of generating long content.
It offers outline creation, an SEO score guide, keyword suggestions, a keyword density checker, a meta description, and TL;DR customization.
It offers great SEO tools that are perfect for someone who is already knowledgeable about SEO.
It can support H4 headings.
It offers a lot of keywords and heading suggestions.
The generated text did not pass AI detection.
Despite passing the plagiarism check, it did not offer any substantial input for readers other than regurgitated content.
It is hard to navigate and is not beginner-friendly.
Generated output still requires a lot of tweaking to create unique content.
It takes a long time to process and when there are several glitches during ‘Rewrite’.


BloggerAI currently offers a one-time payment deal for the first 200 buyers. However, the user must have an OpenAPI key to maximize the Lifetime Deal with BloggerAI.

AutoWrite App

AutoWrite Homepage

How Does It Work

AutoWrite is another content generation tool. It would automatically redirect you to its editing interface where you can input your title, keywords, and the language you want to use. Then, you will be redirected to the subheading section where you can choose to manually type in your subheadings or allow AI to generate it based on your keywords.

AutoWrite Interface

After generating your subheadings, you can further customize your tone to fit your target audience using its assortment of audience personas.

AutoWrite Audience Persona

It also has additional features where you can further specify the writing style that you want to copy, the use of literary devices, the tone of voice, the generation of links and FAQs and so much more.

AutoWrite Customizations

The processing of generated content may take around 5-10 minutes. After content generation, you can expand, shorten, edit, and further rewrite the said content to your liking.

AutoWrite Content Processing

Pros and Cons

It can create longer content and generate lists and FAQs.
It can provide thorough research, unique angles, and thought-provoking insights.
The tone of the article is more human-like. It passed both AI and plagiarism detection checkers.
It has a beginner-friendly user interface.
It can create human-like output despite choosing the most informative tone in the options.
You can customize the writing style to your favorite author.
It has less customization features for subheadings.
It cannot support headings other than H2.
The generated text has grammatical errors.
Hyphenated words are not recognized as English words.


It has three pricing categories: Free, Starter, and Pro. Users can choose to pay annually or monthly. However, these prices may be subject to an increase later on. These are currently their limited-time introductory pricing for initial subscribers.

AutoWrite Pricing


MagicBlog Homepage

How Does It Work

MagicBlog offers to create an SEO blog using just three steps: 1) input a keyword/title, 2) suggest structure, and 3) click “Generate.” It will then generate over 1,000 words of content that can pass AI detection.

MagicBlog Interface

For non-SEO specialists, you can input general ideas and then click on the yellow button to generate automated outlines, titles, and keywords.

MagicBlog Generate Structure

After clicking the “Generate” button, this is how your 1,000-word SEO blog post would look like.

MagicBlog Article

Pros and Cons

It has easy to navigate user interface.
It has automated suggestions for every user input.
The processing time of the blog is a lot quicker.
The generated content passes both AI and plagiarism detector checks.
It can create compelling subheadings based on keywords only.
It has a lot of grammatical errors, specifically, a lack of hyphens on hyphenated compound words.
The generated content did not offer substantial insights or any valuable researched information.
Its content generation capability is limited to 1,000 words only and the paragraph after the subheadings are quite short.


The pricing for their services can range from $0 to $20 per month depending on how advanced the learning language model (LLM) is. They are also in their initial stages and they still offer credit bundle promos and referral bonuses.

MagicBlog Pricing

Keyword Research and Topic Generation AI Tools

Finding the relevant keyword is an important part of optimizing your content. Keyword search and generation are often included in some content-generating tools. However, they may not include necessary statistics like keyword difficulty and search volume to guide you on the keyword density and placement.

Here are a couple of AI SEO tools that you can use for keyword research and topic generation.


ContextMinds Homepage

How Does it Work

If you want an AI SEO tool that is more focused on keyword generation and research instead of content generation, ContextMinds might be for you. ContextMinds is an AI Keyword Generator tool that assists in finding relevant keywords, analyzing keyword difficulty and keyword search volume, creating a content map, generating a content outline, and organizing your keywords into a single library.

As soon as you sign up, you will be redirected to this page. Click ‘New map’ to get started.

ContextMaps New Maps

Fill in the boxes. Be descriptive about the type of content you want to produce. It will base its keyword suggestion on your description.

ContextMaps Create New Map

After clicking “Create’, you will be directed to the map. In this section, you can see related keywords that you can click on to start creating your outline. As soon as you click on your desired keyword, you will be able to see the keyword metrics and the top-ranking content on the right side of your screen.

ContextMinds Map Editor

Click on the plus sign to click more related keywords to start drafting your content map.

ContextMinds Related Keywords

Once you’ve added your first keyword. You can hover your mouse around your main keyword and then click subtopic to further expand your map. You can also choose to just drag the subtopic and then click on the little arrow on the side to connect it to the topic you’ve previously added. You can also choose to ‘Link to the other’ to branch out to another related topic.

ContextMinds Expand Keywords

If you are satisfied with your map, you can either click ‘Show suggestions’ to see the top-rated blogs related to your keyword or ‘Generate text by AI’ to see the generated draft from your chosen keywords. After crafting the result, you can drag it onto the map to add to your outline.

The generated content is nothing close to satisfactory. It just auto-generated a generic introduction and conclusion for the ‘article’ and the rest of the body is just an outline.

Pros and Cons

t provides endless suggestions for keywords.
It shows a condensed analysis of each keyword that is suggested.
It also provides content generation opportunities.
It is not beginner-friendly. Navigating through the content map section can be a bit tricky.
It cannot provide long-tail keywords.
It tends to suggest unrelated keywords.
The generated content is just an outline instead of an ‘article’ unlike the website suggests.


ContextMinds has two subscription options: pro and business. Pro is priced at $70/ month and business is priced at $210/ month. Both of those accounts offer a 1-week trial before the billing period starts.


Rytr Homepage

How Does It Work

Rytr is another AI content-generating tool. However, it also offers blog outline generation, keyword generation, keyword extraction, and content creation of multiple content types. It can support 30+ languages and has more than 40 use cases.

To start, sign up and select the language, tone, and output that you want to create. In this case, we wanted to test their keyword generator tool.

Rytr Create New Document

After selecting ‘Ryte for me’, it was able to generate several relevant keywords and relevant questions about the keyword.

Rytr Keyword List

We also tried their blog ideation and outlining tool to further check its content generation capacity. The tone that we’ve used this time is critical. It provided sound suggestions as well as keyword guides. It also supported up to H3 subheadings.

Rytr Outline and H3

It cannot write a complete blog but it offers to write blog sections. Using the same topic and language, We also tested its blog section writing capabilities. This time, we asked it to write in an enthusiastic tone.

Rytr Blog Sections

It listed the used keywords at the top. The blog section written is satisfactory. It did not provide a subheading or title, but the content for a blog section is informative and enthusiastic enough.

Pros and Cons

It is easy to use.
The loading time is short.
It can support content generation of multiple content types and formats.
It can assist in keyword generation, extraction, and blog outlining.
It passed plagiarism and AI detection checkers.
It can support up to H3 subheading.
Has multiple language options.
It cannot generate a whole blog or any longer forms of content.
It does not generate subheadings and titles on the blog section writing part.
It does not offer SEO audit tools or metric analyzers for generated keywords.
It has limited keyword suggestions.
The content produced is mostly just regurgitated content and did not offer any substantial angles or insights.


Rytr offers 3 types of accounts: free, saver, and unlimited. Saver costs $9/ month while unlimited is priced at $29/ month.

Rytr Pricing

Competitor Analysis AI SEO Tools

You may not always have the best ideas to optimize your blog despite countless hours of research. Hence, the next best thing is to learn from your competitors. Here is one of the best AI competitor analysis tools we’ve found.

GetGenie AI

GetGenie Homepage

How Does It Work

GetGenie AI is a competitor analysis tool that analyzes SERP competitors, finds NLP keywords, and provides an SEO optimization score guide. It also has multiple contents and copies AI templates for other writing needs.

After signing up, click ‘Playground.’ In this section, you can set your guidelines and parameters for your blog post. We’ve added our primary keyword in the ‘Keyword’ space and provided relevant keywords in the ‘Context’ section. Make sure to turn the SEO mode on to enable keyword analysis.

GetGenie Playground

Above the ‘Analyze Keyword’ button you can adjust the scope of the analysis to your local area. In this case, we’ve just decided to use global trend analysis. It provided us with the result of keyword metrics and related keyword suggestions. You can also change the tone and language used in your blog. Unfortunately, it only has the standard tone available for now.

GetGenie Analyze Keyword

After running a keyword analysis, you can now proceed to generate titles.

Select your chosen title then, proceed to generate the intro. Then, choose among the chosen intro to proceed with the generated outline.

GetGenie Generated Intro

You can further adjust the tone, creativity, and maximum suggestions it provides below. Then, select ‘Generate outline’. You can choose among the suggested outlines or add yours manually.

GetGenie Generate Outline

After creating your outline you can either choose to write it manually or generate the whole blog content. We’ve chosen to proceed with the one-click blog to test its content generation capability however, this process keeps on failing at the time of our review.

GetGenie Generate Blog Single Click

The automated generation keeps on getting stuck in the research process. Hence, we’ve just decided to generate it manually.

GetGenie Generate Blog Manually

When you click generate manually, you would be redirected to this section. From here, you can start generating each blog section manually. You can regenerate the results if it is not up to your standards or you can just proceed.

GetGenie Generate Blog Manual Result

We’ve reached our free subscription limit so we couldn’t proceed with the rest of the content generation. We decided to focus on competitor analysis instead. Its competitor analysis tool provides SERP Analysis, Content Ranking, and Content Analysis features. Their content ranking tool shows the top 14 content but you can choose to load more.

GetGenie Content Ranking Tool

It also provides the most relevant questions about the topic.

GetGenie Relevant Questions

It also has multiple writing templates for your other writing needs.

GetGenie Writing Templates

Pros and Cons

It is easy to use.
It has content generation, competitor analysis, keyword generator, and keyword analysis built-in tools.
It has multiple writing templates.
It can support multiple languages.
It can support up to H6 subheadings.
It can only generate up to 1,500 words on the free account.
It only has one type of tone customization.
It can only generate H2 subheadings.


It has four pricing options: free, writer, pro, and agency. The writer account costs $19/ month, billed monthly, and $15.83/ month, billed annually. The pro account costs $49/ month, billed monthly, and $40.83/ month, billed annually. Lastly, the agency account costs $99/ month, billed monthly, and $82.50/ month, billed annually.

GetGenie Pricing

Link Building AI SEO Tools

Backlinks AI

Backlinks AI Home Page

How Does It Work

Backlinks AI is an AI backlink search tool that assists in finding backlinks, analyzing, and contacting potential backlinks. After signing up and choosing your plan, set up your filters. Add your primary keyword and the main category of websites you want to set up your backlink with.

Backlinks AI Filters

They will send a sample email on how their report would look like and you can start receiving potential backlink opportunities every day.

Backlinks AI Email Report

Pros and Cons


It is easy to use.
It loads search results fast.
It offers a detailed backlink report that shows contact information, backlink opportunities, and deadlines for outreach.
It automatically sifts through quality backlink opportunities.

It does not offer an SEO analysis of backlink opportunities.
It only offers single filter options for free users.


It offers a free account and a standard account for $9/ month.

Backlinks AI Pricing


Linkbot Homepage

How Does It Work

LinkBot is an AI internal linking tool that helps with internal link reports, automated linking, copy and paste installation, click and traffic reporting to prevent orphaned content, improve conversions, increase page views, etc.

Linkbot Account Setup

After setting up your account and linking it to your website, you can install Linkbot through your WordPress site and enable automated linking through your account.

Pros and Cons

It allows automated linking.
It is easy to navigate.
It assists in old content searches.
It only works as a site plug-in instead of a browser extension.
The internal linking report took too long to load.


It has a free account and two premium account choices which are priced at $29  and $99/ month.

Linkbot Pricing

AI Tools Comparison

Here is a side-by-side comparison of AI SEO Tools with content generating and optimization features we’ve found across the web. Some of them may be listed under keyword research and generation and competitor analysis tools, but since they also have content-generating features we decided to also compare them with other similar tools.

ToolsCopymateBloggerAIAutoWriteMagicBlogContextMindsRytrGetGenie AI
FreebiesFree Premium TrialFree Basic TrialFree Basic TrialFree Basic AccountFree Pro and Business TrialFree Basic AccountFree  Basic Account
Volume of Generated Words1,000 to 2,000 words6,000 words and above1,000 to 2,000 words1,000 words (max)Less than 1,000 words1,000 to 2,000 words1000 to 1,500 words
Subheading SupportH2H2, H3, H4H2 (with lists and bullets, FAQs)H2H2H2, H3,H1. H2, H3, H4, H5, H6
Keyword/ Title, Subheading SuggestionsNoYesYesYesYesYesYes
Tone/Style CustomizationNoneSimpleFullNoneNoneSimpleUnavailable
Plagiarism DetectionHighLowLowLowLowLowLow
AI DetectionHighMediumLowLowLowLowLow
Quality of Content GenerationMediumLowHighLowLowMediumMedium
Ease of UseHighLowMediumHighLowHighHigh
Grammar CorrectnessMediumHighLowLowNoneHighHigh
Competitor AnalysisNoNoNoNoNoNoYes
Keyword AnalysisNoNoNoNoNoNoYes

In addition, here is a comparison table of link-building tools we’ve featured on this blog. They are evaluated based on ease of use, speed, link suggestion quality, and link relevance.

FeaturesBacklink AILinkbot
Ease of UseYesYes
Link qualityMediumHigh


AutoWrite performs best for beginners in SEO. With AutoWrite, users can write compelling titles, and captivating subheadings with minimal cues. They can also generate a whole SEO-optimized blog with only the topic or keywords at their disposal through its auto-generated outline and article. AutoWrite can also copy the writing style of a specific author and adjust the personality of the whole article based on a specific persona to further meet the user’s needs.

Despite its lack of SEO-specific tool guides like keyword difficulty analysis, keyword density checker, WordPress integration, backlink analysis, and SERP analysis like BloggerAI, AutoWrite seems to have a larger dataset specifically for SEO content that allows it to provide sound suggestions and demonstrate expertise on the subject. It provides amazing assistance with content ideation, writing style guides, and overall superb quality of content generation. [a]

On the other hand, we suggest that you run AutoWrite-generated through an SEO audit for further optimization, fact-checking and grammar checking before publishing. It may be able to provide sound insights, but it can only support H2 headings, cannot support hyphenated words, and cannot provide sources or links to the sources for its cited statistics and research. If you are running out of creative juices or having trouble establishing the flow of your article, AutoWrite is the best option.

However, if you are already an expert when it comes to SEO, you may need less help with content generation. Instead, you may opt for AI SEO tools that offer SEO-specific features for auditing of your content. BloggerAI may come in second, but it can be a handy tool for experts who wanted more control over the flow, tone, and writing style of their content.

Person Writing While Working on Computer


Are AI Tools for SEO Free?

There are several AI Tools for SEO that offers free premium trials and free basic accounts for limited use of AI-integrated features. Your skill, time management, and workload will determine your need for additional AI-integrated outputs. It is better to experiment with what can you do with their free offerings before buying subscriptions.

Are AI Tools for SEO legal?

Depending on your country or state, copyright laws may vary. As for Google’s Guidelines, AI-generated content is not banned. However, misuse and malicious AI technology to bypass search engine rankings and insert repetitive and spun content may fall under spam violations. Make sure to check whether the generated content provides quality and helpful information to your audience before publishing.

Do AI Tools for SEO Work?

Yes, they do work. However, most of them might still need a lot of human intervention to create quality contents that would pass E-E-A-T guidelines. Most of them, especially their free trial versions, may provide regurgitated content from the web. It is important to check, read, and edit auto-generated content to provide quality SEO content. However, some SEO tools can still provide quality content despite being free.


There are multiple benefits to using AI to improve your website’s SEO. It can save time and provide you with quality outputs to improve your rankings. However, it is important to also recognize the importance of human intervention in creating blog posts. The best way to use AI ethically is to not treat it as a cash cow, or content mill to increase your website traffic. You cannot establish authority and credibility with sub-standard auto-generated works. Always consider the quality of content in terms of value added to your audience, correctness, timeliness, relevance, and cohesion.

AI is just a tool to streamline your processes. Establishing authority and credibility plays a larger role in optimizing your website and it cannot be achieved by using AI to cheat.

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