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Job interview being performed.

How To Prepare For A Job Interview With ChatGPT: Gain Confidence and Impress Your Interviewer

By: Dan Sanz   |   November 1, 2023   | 

Prepare for job interviews with ChatGPT’s help. Use prompt engineering to simulate interviews, get advice, and practice role-playing. Follow the STAR method for clear answers. While ChatGPT isn’t perfect, it complements your preparation. Utilize other resources and practice offline too. Embrace AI to boost your confidence and succeed in interviews.

AI robot code.

What is Prompt Engineering: Unleashing the Full Potential of AI Language Models

By: Dan Sanz   |   May 25, 2023   | 

With the emergence of generative AI, professionals would do well learning prompt engineering. But what is prompt engineering really? Read more to find out.