Audyo is a cloud-based AI platform for easy text-to-speech audio creation and editing. It can generate professional audio based on existing web content, which users can download and edit by fine-tuning pronunciations and tweaking the script using AI to ensure quality. Audyo also supports different voices in various languages.

Key Features:

  • Exportable Audio: Audyo allows users to download their audio creations instantly, enabling them to use the audio in various contexts, such as videos, podcasts, presentations, and more. This feature provides flexibility in incorporating audio content into different media projects.
  • Quick Speaker Swapping: The “Quick Select” feature enables users to easily switch between speakers, facilitating the creation of dialogues and conversations. This capability speeds up the generation of interactive and dynamic audio content with multiple speakers.
  • Multilingual Support: Audyo offers many supported languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and many more. Users can mix and match languages within their audio content, accommodating diverse language preferences and audiences.
  • Custom Phonetics: With the “Phonetics” feature, users can edit the pronunciation of words to ensure accurate and natural-sounding audio. By selecting a word and writing its phonetics, users can fine-tune how words are spoken, enhancing the overall audio quality.
  • URL Content Import: The “URL Import” feature allows users to pull in text from any URL, enabling them to create audio scripts from existing web content quickly. This streamlines the process of converting written material into audio format, making content creation more efficient.

Use Cases:

  • Podcasters can import content from URLs, such as articles, blog posts, or research papers and convert it into audio scripts.
  • Language learners can input text from different sources to create audio scripts in the language they are learning.
  • Educators and content creators in various fields can import written content from URLs to quickly convert it into audio format, making materials more accessible to auditory learners and creators.

Audyo Review: Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick review featuring Audyo’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • Easy to create professional audio from text.
  • Can fine-tune pronunciations and tweak the script using AI to ensure quality.
  • Downloadable audio can be used in various contexts.
  • Quick speaker swapping.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Custom phonetics.


  • May not be as accurate as human-generated audio.
  • Can be expensive.

Audyo was founded in 2020 by Éanna Morley.


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