Genei is an AI-powered research and note-taking tool that helps users extract key insights and information from any webpage, PDF, or document. The platform also includes cloud-based notes, annotations, and document storage and allows for simultaneous cross-referencing of multiple resources.

It is a powerful research tool that can help students, researchers, and anyone else improve their understanding of the information they are reading.

Key Features:

  • Automatic summarization of background reading
  • Faster production of blogs, articles, and reports
  • Customizable projects and folders for organizing information
  • AI-powered keyword extraction for PDFs and web pages
  • Chrome extension add-on for summarizing webpages and saving them for later reading

Use Cases:

  • Research: Genei helps researchers save time by summarizing and extracting keywords from PDFs and web pages.
  • Content Production: Writers can benefit from faster blog, article, and report generation using Genei’s automatic summarization feature. 
  • Academic Writing: Genei supports students and academic professionals in improving the quality and efficiency of their research.

Genei Review: Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick review featuring the advantages and benefits of Genei.


  • Includes an analysis tool for qualitative research
  • Can optimize article content with its keyword extraction tool
  • Provides summarization and insights for research and reporting
  • Enables better organization and management of information
  • Customizable projects and folders for document storage
  • AI-powered question answering
  • Saves time by paraphrasing complex ideas and finding crucial information faster
  • Chrome extension add-on for summarizing webpages or saving them for later reading
  • Offers different subscription plans with additional features
  • Has access to GPT3
  • Trusted by thought leaders and experts


  • Only supports English-language files and documents
  • No mention of customer support options

Genei was founded by Adrien Wald, Billy B. Richards, Jack Bowen, and Laksh Aithani in 2019 and is headquartered in London. 


14-day free trial with the option to cancel

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