NeuralText is an AI writing assistant that simplifies creating high-quality SEO content by addressing issues like content ideation, SEO optimization, and research analysis. It helps overcome writer’s block, save time, and provide insights from its vast database. NeuralText also assists in content research analysis, analyzing competitors’ content, and improving content for higher search engine rankings.

Key Features:

  • Keyword Discovery and Clustering: NeuralText provides comprehensive keyword research capabilities. Users can discover long-tail keyword suggestions for search terms, including their popularity and trends. The platform offers a keyword clustering feature that allows users to identify topic clusters efficiently, helping them understand the structure of their content strategy.
  • Content Research Analysis: NeuralText serves as an SEO assistant for content-related tasks. It facilitates content brief creation, content creation, and optimization. The platform’s Google Docs-style editor enables users to craft content based on real-time data from SERPs. It streamlines the process by generating content briefs for writers, reducing the need for manual competitor research. 
  • AI Copywriter: NeuralText includes an AI-powered copywriting tool that helps users create effective marketing copy efficiently. This tool generates various types of copy, from Facebook ads to headlines, ensuring that the content is compelling and conversion-oriented. It assists users in writing high-quality, engaging copy while allowing for quick variations, which is crucial for A/B testing and finding the best-performing copy.
  • 40+ Skills and Idea Generator: Apart from its core features, NeuralText offers a range of additional skills and tools. These include capabilities like generating ideas for content, crafting headlines, and creating effective Facebook ads. With over 40 skills, NeuralText provides a comprehensive suite of tools to assist marketers and content creators across various aspects of their work.

Use Cases:

  • A digital marketing agency aiming to elevate its content marketing strategy for a diverse set of clients can use NeuralText’s keyword discovery and clustering feature to identify relevant long-tail keywords and organize them into topic clusters.
  • An e-commerce business that needs persuasive copy for its product listings, email campaigns, and Facebook ads can utilize NeuralText’s AI copywriter feature to generate engaging and conversion-focused copy for various marketing materials.
  • A blogger is passionate about creating in-depth and informative content for a specific niche. NeuralText’s content research analysis tool has become their go-to assistant. By inputting their chosen topics, the blogger receives real-time data insights from SERPs.

NeuralText Review: Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick review featuring NeuralText’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • AI writing assistant: NeuralText is an AI writing assistant that can help you with a variety of tasks, including keyword research, content creation, and optimization.
  • Comprehensive keyword research capabilities: NeuralText provides comprehensive keyword research capabilities, including the ability to discover long-tail keywords, identify topic clusters, and track keyword trends.
  • Content research analysis: NeuralText’s content research analysis tool can help you analyze your competitors’ content and identify opportunities to improve your own.
  • AI copywriter: NeuralText’s AI copywriter can help you generate effective marketing copy, including headlines, ad copy, and social media posts. 
  • 40+ skills and an idea generator: NeuralText offers a wide range of additional skills and tools, including the ability to generate ideas for content, craft headlines, and create effective Facebook ads.


  • Pricing: NeuralText’s pricing can be expensive, especially for businesses with high content needs.
  • Limited features: NeuralText is still under development, so some features may be limited or not available.
  • Accuracy: NeuralText’s AI writing assistant is still under development, so the accuracy of the content it generates may vary.
  • User interface: NeuralText’s user interface can be a bit complex and difficult to use.

NeuralText was founded in 2020 by Antonio Cappiello and Alessio Nittoli. It is headquartered in Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 81/bis, 10129, Turin, Italy.


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