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SEO Writing AI utilizes artificial intelligence to create high-quality SEO content by identifying relevant keywords, generating content ideas, writing content based on chosen keywords and tone, and optimizing content for search engines. By ensuring well-structured, grammatically correct, and free of plagiarism, SEO Writing AI helps improve search engine rankings and attract potential customers.

Key Features:

  • Generate Original, High-Quality Long-Form Content: SEO Writing AI allows you to effortlessly create long-form content, including product roundups, reviews, and how-to guides. By simply entering a brief, the AI takes care of the content creation process, ensuring originality and quality in your articles.
  • Create Detailed Product Listings 10X Faster: This feature streamlines the process of creating comprehensive product listings. By inputting the URLs of the products you want to list, you can quickly generate informative listings for your articles. This functionality saves time and effort while ensuring accurate and detailed product information.
  • Optimize Content for SEO to Rank in Search Results: The built-in checker helps users optimize their content to rank higher in search results. By suggesting ways to improve your article for valuable keywords, you can enhance your content’s visibility and reach.
  • Build Content at Lightning Speed with the Help of AI: Utilizing advanced technologies like GPT-3 and other machine learning models, SEO Writing AI accelerates content creation. The AI’s capabilities enable you to generate content quickly and efficiently, providing unique solutions that set it apart from other tools.
  • Use 20+ Pre-Trained Models for Affiliate Content: This feature offers a comprehensive toolkit for affiliate marketers. With access to over 20 pre-trained models, you can create various elements of affiliate content, such as titles, descriptions, outlines, pros and cons, and even condensed product specifications. This ensures your affiliate content is impactful and engaging.

Use Cases:

  • An online retailer who wants to boost their product visibility and sales through well-optimized content can use SEO Writing AI, as it can swiftly create detailed product listings by inputting product URLs.
  • For affiliate marketers aiming to create compelling content that drives clicks and conversions for various affiliate products, SEO Writing AI’s 20+ pre-trained models for affiliate content can efficiently generate attention-grabbing titles, engaging descriptions, pros and cons, and condensed product specifications.
  • A blogger in a specific niche who wants to regularly publish informative and engaging articles to attract a dedicated audience can have SEO Writing AI assist them in creating well-researched how-to guides, tutorials, and in-depth product reviews relevant to the niche. 

SEO Writer AI Review: Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick review of SEO Writer AI’s benefits and disadvantages.


  • Generates original, high-quality long-form content
  • Creates detailed product listings 10x faster
  • Optimizes content for SEO to rank higher in search results
  • Builds content at lightning speed with the help of AI
  • Offers 20+ pre-trained models for affiliate content


  • Can be expensive
  • It may sometimes generate repetitive or unoriginal content.

SEO Writer AI was founded by Vadim Terzi of I.I. Terzi Vadim in the year 2021.


In our free plan, we offer unlimited use of blog post generation step by step via your OpenAI key. Plus, you get our gift of 5,000 words.

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