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Swell AI is a company that provides AI-powered tools for podcasters to help them automate the creation of show notes, articles, social media posts, transcripts, and summaries for their podcast episodes. It does this by using artificial intelligence to generate text that is relevant to the podcast episode.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Show Notes Generation: Swell AI can automatically generate comprehensive show notes for podcast episodes. These notes include essential information such as the episode title, summary, speaker biographies, relevant keywords, and identified entities, making it easy for your audience to understand the content at a glance.
  • Article Generation: Swell AI enables the creation of articles derived from your podcast episodes. This feature is valuable for promoting your podcast by creating complementary content for your website. It allows you to expand on episode themes and insights, enhancing your online presence and engaging your audience through written content.
  • Social Media Post Generation: Swell AI can generate social media posts tailored to your podcast episodes. This feature aids in extending your reach to a broader audience and fostering engagement with your listeners on various platforms.
  • Transcription Generation: Swell AI facilitates the transcription of your podcast episodes into written text. This is particularly useful for making your podcast more accessible to individuals who are hard of hearing. Additionally, having transcriptions on your website enhances SEO, as search engines can index the text content for improved discoverability.
  • Summary Generation: Swell AI can generate concise summaries of your podcast episodes. This feature gives listeners a quick overview of the content, helping them decide which episodes to explore. Summaries are especially beneficial for busy audiences seeking key takeaways without committing to full-episode listening.

Use Cases:

  • Podcast creators can use Swell AI to streamline their podcast management tasks. The automatic show notes generation feature saves time by creating detailed episode summaries, speaker bios, and keywords.
  • Swell AI’s article and social media post-generation capabilities can be leveraged for content repurposing and promotion. Podcasters can turn episode content into articles for their website, boosting their online presence and SEO efforts.
  • Swell AI’s transcription and summary generation features cater to accessibility and inclusivity needs. Transcriptions make podcast content accessible to individuals who are hard of hearing, ensuring a wider audience can engage with the content.

Swell AI Review: Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick review featuring the benefits and disadvantages of Swell AI.


  • Saves time and effort by creating show notes, articles, social media posts, transcripts, and summaries.
  • Can be used to make podcast content accessible to individuals who are hard of hearing.
  • Can be used for content repurposing and promotion.


  • May not be accurate for complex or technical topics.
  • May not be able to guarantee originality or plagiarism-free content.
  • Can be expensive.

Swell AI was founded in 2022 by Cody Schneider of TwentyFour Twelve Systems Pte. Ltd. It is headquartered in San Francisco.


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