AI design tools integrate machine capabilities into creative process, assisting designers in generating, enhancing, and iterating visual elements with intuitive automation and data-driven insights. These tools revolutionize the design landscape by combining human creativity with machine precision, making design tasks faster, more consistent, and adaptive.

Use Cases:
  1. Automatic Layout Generation: For web and app development, AI can suggest optimal user interface layouts based on user behavior data, ensuring a user-friendly and effective design.
  2. Logo and Branding Creation: Businesses can utilize AI to generate unique logo concepts or branding materials based on a set of predefined parameters, colors, and styles, streamlining the branding process.
  3. Image Enhancement and Manipulation: Designers can use AI tools to automatically enhance image quality, suggest color corrections, or even change specific visual elements within images, making the editing process more efficient and results more polished.


An AI design tool that creates interactive prototypes and mockups for websites